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Reise-Tips: Internet-Cafes

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Internet Club Caffe "Montana"
Str. Tribunul Dobra, Nr. 8, Arad , 2900
Phone: +40-2740024221
Email: mirckiss@emoka.ro
Price/Hour: 20000 lei / hour
Hours: 11.00 - 0.00
Un internet club caffe unde potzi plati si la minut!


URL: http://cafe.hip.ro
15 Noiembrie 1
Brasov 2200
Phone: +40-268-419738
Fax: +40-268-325000
Email: info@cafe.hip.ro
Price/Hour: 1 USD/hour
Hours: non stop
We have 10 computers and a BAR for drinks.

URL: http://www.hercules.ro/orient
Internet "Orient Cafe"
Republicii nr.2
Brasov 2200
Phone: +40-292-254214
Fax: +40-268-315174
Email: her@hercules.ro
Price/Hour: 1$/1H
Hours: 8:30 AM - 22:30 PM

URL: http://www.hercules.ro
Internet Club "Discul De Aur"
Piata Sfatului nr.7
Brasov 2200
Phone: +40-292-254.214
Fax: +40-268-315174
Email: her@hercules.ro
Price/Hour: 1USD/1H
Iesire in antena 2Mb/s; 10 Pc PentiumII; Monitoare 17"

URL: http://www.hercules.ro/planet
Grivitei, cinema Modern
Brasov 2200 Romania
Phone: +40-268-315174
Fax: +40-268-326072
Email: her@hercules.ro
Price/Hour: 15.000 lei
Mobilier tip BAR. Aer Conditionat.


URL: http://www.nettotal.ro
pietonalul Unirii, nr.11, vis-a-vis Hotel Unirea(UCA), Botosani , 6800
Phone: 40744874886
Email: nettotal@nettotal.ro
Price/Hour: 12000 Lei/ora
Hours: non-stop
central area, 2 rooms, 15 computers with internet tools and games, scanner, printer, web&digital camera, foreign languages ability personnel.


URL: http://www.icafe.ro/index.html
Internet Cafe
25 Carol Blvd.
Bucharest 7000
Phone: +40-21-3131048
Email: icafe@icafe.ro
Price/Hour: 2
Hours: non-stop
Large, the first opened in Romania, nice employees, very good connection to Internet.

URL: http://www.cyberclub.ro
Cyber Club
Bd. Carol 25
Bucharest 12345
Phone: 40 1 3103452
Email: metropolis@cyberclub.ro
Price/Hour: 1.75 $/hour
Hours: non stop
We are more a club than a cafe.
We provide full internet access at maximum speed.
Pentium II , 17" monitors ,webcams, printers, fax, telephone, software for all applications, Explorer, Netscape, Opera, ICQ, IRC, Tenet, PowWow, NetMeeting, Video Conference, PC2PHONE and any other communication program that would ensure the connection with your loved ones :).
At Cyber Club we believe in privacy, intimacy and efficiency of our services..

URL: http://www.matrix.org
Gabroveni 24 , Bucuresti , 70000
Phone: 004-01-3124204
Fax: 004-01-3124204
Email: cristiancristea@k.ro
Price/Hour: 1$/hour
Hours: non stop - 24 hours
Cafe Matrix it's in central zone to the Bucarest and the services to offer it's very good......

URL: http://www.enet.ro
Bd. Nicolae Balcescu Nr.24 , Bucharest
Phone: +40-21-3154871
Email: office@enet.ro
Price/Hour: 0.5$/hour
Hours: non-stop
A BAR and CYBER-CAFE in the HEART of Bucharest. Our downtown location gives you the best access to any means of transportation at any hour of day and night and the security of a peaceful neighborhood. We provide food and drinks and the best possible service, including games and software for all applications, Microsoft Word & Excel, Explorer, Netscape, Opera, ICQ, IRC, Tenet, PowWow, NetMeeting, PC2PHONE and any other communication program that would ensure the connection with your loved ones :). Thank you for choosing our Cyber-Café!

Ocean Internet Cafe
Kogalniceanu 35, Lutherana 5
Email: info@ocean.ro


URL: http://www.kiro.net
KIRO Internet Cafe
Str.Doja Nr.6
Cluj-Napoca, Cluj 3400
Phone: +40-264 194 148
Fax: +40-264 194 148
Email: root@kiro.net
Price/Hour: 15.000 ROL
Hours: NON-STOP!
We have clients who spend 10 or 20 or more hours on the Net without interruption, because of our fantastic athmosphere and because here anybody can enjoy any kind of drinks, from the Johnny Walker whisky to our delicious "home-made" Cappucino.
If all the 12 computers are busy or if you just want to have a nice time, you can dive in our leather couch watching your favourite TV programs, even HBO!

Curtea de Arges

Dac Net Internet Cafe
Episcop Nichita
Curtea de Arges
Tel.: 4048722569
Email: dac.net.as@pitesti.ro

Drobeta Turnu Severin

URL: http://skynetmh.freeservers.com
Crisan , Drobeta Turnu Severin , 1500
Phone: +40-252326764
Email: skyhigh@terrasat.ro
Price/Hour: 10000 lei/ora (aprox.0.3USD/h)
Hours: 24Hours
We have 23 computers and high speed connection to internet, printer, fax, cd-burning, games, software for all applications, photo scanner.


URL: http://cdf.home.ro
Club Delta Fetesti
strada oltului ,Ialomita , 8575
Phone: 043632980
Email: Johnny.John@k.ro
Price/Hour: 1000 lei/hour
Hours: Oferta speciala 00:00-05:00 cu doar 30.000 lei
Cel mai cool Internet cafe din Fetesti

Miercurea Ciuc

URL: http://www.daemo.go.ro
str. Miron Cristea 14. , Miercurea Ciuc , 4100
Phone: +40-2745-657094
Email: speedynet2002@yahoo.com
Price/Hour: 10000 lei
Hours: 10:00am - 12:00pm
12 computers, scanner, printer, network games


oradea internet cafe
Oradea bihor 3700
Tel.: 0040 59 447141
Email: internetcafe7@hotmail.com
English internet cafe, bar, restaurant, terrace, karaoke, live entertainment.

Râmnicu Vâlcea

URL: http://consul.onix.ro
warriorz Internet Cafe
Splaiul Independentei nr.12
Ramnicu Valcea 1000
Phone: 092 357 559
Email: club@consul.onix.ro
Price/Hour: 0.7$
Hours: 10 - 22
We have four systems powered by Pentium II 233 Mgh & Voodoo Banchee and Linux Server.


URL: http://www.rompers.ro/internet
B-dul Independentei 11-13 , Iasi , 6600
Phone: 40-32-215860
Email: internet@rompers.ro
Price/Hour: 15.000 lei/hour
Hours: non stop
2 rooms, one for no-smokers and 1 for smokers air conditioning, nice atmosphere, bar without alcoholic drinks.

URL: http://www.clickon.ro
Click ON Club
14, Grigorie Ghica Voda Street, Iasi , 6600
Phone: 4-0232-261354
Email: clickon@iasi.rdsnet.ro
Price/Hour: 0.5 euro
Hours: non stop
Since its creation in the spring of 2001 Click ON has rapidly taken the lead on the market for elite Internet cafes in Iasi. Our main assets are the excellent quality of our services as well as the pleasant atmosphere, unique in this field.


URL: http://globtel.ro/index.html
Max I-cafe
Stefan Cel Mare 3
Ploiesti, Prahova 2000 Romania
Phone: +40-244 111 858
Fax: +40-244 113 176
Email: office@globtel.ro
Price/Hour: 1.3 USD / Hour
Hours: Non-stop
12 Pentium II Computers using T1 type of connection to the Internet, Printer, Scanner, CD-Writer, removable HDD.


URL: http://www.club79.verena.net
Club 79
Calea Dumbravii 79
Sibiu, 2400
Phone: +40-293 207 797
Fax: +40-292 112 337
Email: office@vrgames.topedge.ro
Price/Hour: 0.7 USD
Hours: Non-Stop
Unforgettable internet club!
Just come and surf it!

Bianca's NetCafe
Str. Miraslau Nr. 3
Sibiu 2400
Tel.: 40-69-88886
Email: libera@logon.ro


URL: http://www.fllow.4mg.com
Dragos Voda Nr.7 , Sighet, MM , 4925
Phone: +40-262315746
Email: synpatimex@alphanet.ro
Price/Hour: 10.000 ROL/H
Hours: 10-22
We have 12 p3-800Mghz,64MB-Ram,Monitor 17" LCD,T3-connection,bar with drinks and snacks.


URL: http://www.assist.ro
ASSIST Internet Cafe
Piata 22 Decembrie
Suceava Romania
Phone: +40-295-606616
Fax: +40-230-520303
Email: ic@assist.ro
Price/Hour: 1 ud$
Hours: 9am - 23 pm
17 computers available, printer, scanner, video conference, aol 'friendly' new!! Internet Press Center: FREE Internet access and tools to allow the journalists all over the world coveying in transit at Suceava to communicate in real time. Surf and espresso relax in a great Internet atmosphere.


URL: http://www.elsig.ro/enc/education%20center.htm
Education Center
str. Horea Teculescu, #37
Sighisoara 3050
Email: edcenter@enc.elsig.ro
Price/Hour: $0.6
Hours: Monday -Thursday 10-21; Friday 10-20; Saturday 10-14; Sunday CLOSED
Nice, friendly atmosphere, good music, coffee, tea, other drinks, make friends....see more webpage.

URL: http://net.elsig.ro/
Horea Teculescu, nr.20
Sighisoara 3050 Romania
Email: netcafe@net.elsig.ro
Price/Hour: $0.60/
Hours: Monday-Thursday 10am-11pm Friday-Saturday 10am-12pm Sunday 3pm-10pm
Located in the beautiful town of Sighisoara in Transilvanya this new Net Cafe was established to provide better quality services for the community and travelers. Aprox. 20 computers Pentium III, very nice atmosphere, internet , free email, games, computer classes. For more details check our website.

URL: http://www.ibz.ro
Culture Pub
Str. Bastionului Nr.6, Sighisoara
Email: pub@ibz.ro
Hours: 9:00-4:00  

Clubul Tineretului
Str. 1 dec. 1918 nr.23, Sighisoara
Hours: 9.00-12.00

URL: http://www.sighisoara.com
Inet Cafe
Str. Crizantemelor Nr.20, Sighisoara
Phone: 065.777.765 / 065.777.715
Email: webmaster@sighisoara.com

URL: http://www.kolping.ro
Kolping Icafe
Str. Ilarie Chendi Nr.3, Sighisoara
Phone: 065-777.664
Email: office@kolping.ro

Eurosign Srl
Str. Horea Teculescu Nr.20, Sighisoara
Hours: 10-24
Email: eurosign@mail.com

Târgu Mures

URL: http://server.alegra.netsoft.ro
KIRO Studio - Internet & Game Café
Victor Babes st., no.11
Târgu Mures 4300
Phone: 004065211122
Fax: 004065211122
Email: kiro@alegra.netsoft.ro
Price/Hour: 15000 ROL ( aprox. 0.9 US $)
The moste confortable cyber café in Târgu Mures


URL: http://www.icafe.vl.ro
Internet Cafe
Calea lui Traian 209,Bl 7
Rm Valcea,jud Valcea 1000
Phone: +40-250741867
Fax: +40-250741867
Hours: 10-24 daily
Price/Hour: 2 $
Email: ads@vl.ro

noch einmal Bukarest:
Ce faci? - Internet Center
Sos. Colentina nr. 12, bl. 58
01 242.46.61
Ce faci? - Internet Center
Sos. Iancului nr. 44
01 250.22.37
Compet Net
Bd. Unirii nr. 33, bl. A2
Cyber Club
Bd. Carol I nr. 25
01 310.34.52
Dialog Internet Cafe
Bd. N. Balcescu nr. 3-5
01 203.76.00
Extremis Internet & Games
Str. Academiei nr. 9
Frontier Arena
Str. Iancu Cavaler de Flondor nr. 2-8
01 52.57.24
Intenet Cafe
Bd. Carol I nr. 25
01 313.10.48
Internet Cafe
Calea Victoriei nr. 136
01 313.10.48
Internet Cafe "Alarm Systems"
Bd. Dacia 53, ap.1
01 211 93 70
Silence Cafe
Str. Caderea Bastiliei nr. 19
01 659.40.89
P-ta Amzei 13
01 650.64.76

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